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Rethinking Floods

By Abhinav Vijay Published February 23, 2016

Flooding events are becoming increasingly frequent and the way we respond to, and mitigate damage needs to be changed.

Disaster in South East Asia: a 40 year problem

By Abhinav Vijay Published November 9, 2015

South East Asia is facing a crisis and urgently needs to change course of action to stop the burning of forests and the massive air pollution and finally get serious about climate change.

Habitat exchanges and the problem of incentivizing conservation

By Abhinav Vijay Published October 5, 2015

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently decided against listing the greater sage-grouse under the Endangered Species Act despite clear evidence of a rapid decline in numbers. The service argued that widespread collaborative efforts to save the species were already underway and hence sage-grouse did not meet the requirements. Habitat exchanges, as one of these collaborative efforts, may end up vindicating the service.

Invoking the Public Trust Doctrine to Combat Climate Change

By Abhinav Vijay Published March 11, 2015

The Public Trust Doctrine is the foundation of public resource management and yet has remained under the radar during discussions on environmental law. Until now. A new movement is bringing PTD to the forefront of climate change action.