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Evacuations Near Lake Oroville: What They Reveal about Society

By Ahyoung Kim-Lee Published April 7, 2017

On February 12th, 2017 the California Department of Water Resources ordered the evacuation of over 200,000 people living near Lake Oroville, due to a potential spillway failure. The disaster revealed problems of inequality rooted within our society, and shed light on governmental passivity in protecting residents.

Is Email Bad for the Environment?

By Ahyoung Kim-Lee Published March 5, 2017

While sending one email has a smaller carbon footprint than sending one letter, frequent communications via digital mail results in a rapid accumulation of emissions released from sending emails. Since many email services allow users to send as many messages as they wish with no financial cost, society must examine methods to mitigate this unrestrained email use.

Hurricane Damage: How Insurances Companies Have Responded

By Ahyoung Kim-Lee Published October 27, 2016

As the climate continues to warm and sea levels rise, the instances of category four and five hurricanes in the North Atlantic hurricanes have near doubled, therefore resulting in more devastating damages. While property owners rely on insurance companies to compensate them for storm-related losses, insurers manage to escape their important obligations.