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Wearable Tech: A Growing Fad, or Centuries in the Making?

By Alexander Maisel Published November 8, 2015

When most people hear the term "wearable technology", they think of one of two things: Google Glass and Apple Watch. Wearable technology, however, encompasses a much larger spectrum of products. Many of these have been around for a while and, more importantly, many of the products provide us with the opportunity to observe insights into human behavior.

Is Ad Blocking Destroying the Web as We Know It? Is That Even a Bad Thing?

By Alexander Maisel Published October 11, 2015

Apple's decision to allow users to block ads in its Safari web browser for the iPhone reignited the war over ad-blocking.. Here, we examine how this war began and what is at stake in this feud, which has pitted Internet users against their favorite content creators from across the web.

Understanding - and Taking a Stand On - Net Neutrality

By Alexander Maisel Published March 11, 2015

As politicians and regulators battle over the "openness" of the Internet, it is critical that the issue be decided carefully and swiftly, as it will determine the equity of the web for all consumers. Ultimately, net neutrality is an absolute necessity for assuring that Internet providers treat all users and web services equally and fairly.