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Debunking Myths about the IUD

By Anna Grosshans Published February 22, 2015

For years, the IUD has gotten a bad rap. With the medical community recommending the IUD as one of the most effective forms of birth control, it's time to address and debunk some of these misleading myths.

Sexual Assault on Campus: New Rules from the Obama Administration

By Anna Grosshans Published November 9, 2014

New policies from the Obama Administration will have universities deal with sexual assault on campus. The new rules include a broader definition of sexual assault, regulations for the disciplinary process, and guidelines for how to support survivors. The aim is to create a culture that is intolerant of sexual assault and violence against women.

A Push for Long-Acting Contraception

By Anna Grosshans Published October 21, 2014

Recent studies have shown that long-acting contraceptives are both safe and highly effective. Policy reforms incorporating these findings will better enable young women to achieve their educational and life goals.

The FDA, Pharmaceuticals, and ADHD

By Anna Grosshans Published April 25, 2014

Since 1990, the number of children being treated for ADHD has jumped from 600,000 to over 3.5 million. These powerful drugs have serious side effects for the children that take them, but major pharmaceutical corporations continue to push their products. \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n

"Courting Anarchy": The Battle over Contraceptive Coverage

By Anna Grosshans Published April 6, 2014

By Anna Grosshans, 04/06/2014 The birth control requirement of the Affordable Care Act has been generating a lot of controversy, but in 2014, birth control is not, in fact, controversial.