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Get While the Getting is Good: Opportunities to rebuild America's energy infrastructure

By Ben Krapels Published March 11, 2015

With international and domestic energy markets in turmoil, the coming end of the Obama administration, and the recent successes of using federal agencies to use regulations to get around the legislative process, it is time for a full-scale rebuilding of the American power grid.

Source to Sink: The Inevitable Extraction of the Alberta Tar Sands and Its Political Ramifications

By Ben Krapels Published November 6, 2014

The famously divisive Keystone XL pipeline has caused fits for Congress, the Obama administration, numerous private sector energy firms, and environmental activists. But some resourceful Canadians may take the Keystone question out of American hands altogether.

Red Challenges to Green Goals: How the New EPA Regulations Will Affect the Midterms

By Ben Krapels Published October 21, 2014

President Obama's legacy will be defined by the Affordable Care Act and his forceful climate policy, one of the largest steps forward to combat global warming in decades. But an unforeseen consequence of his new EPA regulations may be Republicans taking control of the Senate after this fall's midterm elections.