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Watching Evolution in Real Time: Is Climate Change Already Impacting Evolutionary Paths?

By Danielle Ragin Published October 5, 2015

Some people still claim that global warming is a fallacy. However, whether or not you choose to believe it is from climate change, the world is changing. Melting ice, rising sea levels, and habitat loss are all pushing species to the brink, forcing many to adapt or perish.

Fighting Climate Change with Geoengineering: Dangerous or Ingenious?

By Danielle Ragin Published March 11, 2015

With climate change becoming a more immediate concern, some scientists are searching outside of the box for ways to combat global warming. Whether it be injecting iron into the ocean to increase carbon sequestration or pumping sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere to amplify the global dimming effect, people are trying to manipulate the Earth through geoengineering to save the planet. However, is more human intervention the smart solution to the problem? Some believe it's the only way, while others worry it will only make matters worse. What do you think?

Protecting Our Pollinators: Steps Taken to Stabilize Honey Bee Colonies

By Danielle Ragin Published November 6, 2014

Until recently, most of the American public wrote off bees as menaces and overlooked the vital role they play in nature and agriculture. However, mysterious disappearances of honeybee colonies has raised awareness about these important creatures and increased efforts to sustain bee populations.

Reducing Global Warming: Environmental Initiative or Commercial Industry?

By Danielle Ragin Published October 21, 2014

Some innovative entrepreneurs are turning the fight against global warming into a profitable industry. They are harnessing greenhouse gas emissions as a resource to make commercial products and materials while revolutionizing environmental and business initiatives.