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COP21: Obstacles and Solutions to Climate Action

By Elizabeth Chi Published November 9, 2015

Climate solutions must be many, diverse, and strategic to have any notable effect on the global scale. When civilians cannot rely on those in power"”be they politicians or corporations"”to understand the intricacies, or even the importance of climate action, inaction is never the answer. Unfortunately, both problems and solutions must be viewed holistically, and to a degree that is not seen in other fields.

Natural Gas: A Bridge to Nowhere

By Elizabeth Chi Published October 5, 2015

Converting to natural gas for climate action is like switching to diet soda to lose weight"”it's ineffective, and maybe even counterproductive. A drastic reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions will take compromises from all sides, but any compromise that would obstruct the completion of the ultimate goal should not be adopted.

A Green Energy Future Is In Sight

By Elizabeth Chi Published November 6, 2014

Despite popular misconceptions about the insufficient advancement of renewable energy technology, particularly for energy storage, existing technologies are sufficient to facilitate renewable energy nationwide. Political barriers are far more salient than technological ones in preventing widespread renewable energy usage in the United States.

Nuclear Energy: Our Saving Grace or Too Little, Too Late?

By Elizabeth Chi Published October 20, 2014

Nuclear energy appears to be potentially making a comeback on the alternative energy playing field. Although it does not emit greenhouse gases, we cannot rely solely on nuclear power to reduce our emissions quickly enough to prevent a devastating 2°C rise in temperature.