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Why Police Reform Will Continue to Fail Without Increased Gun Control

By Elizabeth Rene Published January 9, 2022

Throughout the past few decades, ongoing efforts have been made by federal policymakers, state and local officials, and communities to combat police brutality. However, current solutions fail to consider gun ownership and gun violence, an issue that makes American policing different from that of other developed nations. As long as policymakers fail to acknowledge how gun control shapes police conduct, including during nonviolent calls of duty, trust between police departments and the communities they serve will continue to erode as a result of police violence.

Diets & Climate Change: Instead of Meat Elimination, We Should Be Aiming for Meat Reduction

By Elizabeth Rene Published August 29, 2021

Given that nearly a quarter of all climate change emissions can be attributed to unsustainable practices within the food production industry, it is no doubt that American consumers must begin looking towards to the food on their plates as a viable climate solution. Only where discussions around a completely meat-free diet tend to turn some away from the idea of more environmentally-friendly food choices, it is pivotal we begin including meat reduction in conversations around food and its overall impact on the worsening climate change crisis.

Food Waste: An Overlooked Issue; An Equally Overlooked Solution

By Elizabeth Rene Published January 13, 2021

From over-purchasing within stores to the inefficient disposal of within landfills, food waste contributes to nearly 40% of the U.S. food supply going uneaten every single year. Policymakers need to address food waste’s substantial role in climate change to limit the unnecessary emission of greenhouse gases within food production.