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Title IX and the Bathroom Bill

By Emily Silfkin Published January 1, 2017

Title IX is one of the most important parts of our country's educational code. As a woman who takes pride in her education, I believe that I should have every opportunity that a male student has, and to the same quality.

Is Our Higher Education System Failing Our Veterans?

By Emily Silfkin Published January 1, 2017

For-profit colleges have become increasingly popular in the United States for people who cannot pursue a traditional degree. However, the benefits of these institutions are not always what the advertisements claim. The debt accumulated at for-profit schools and the lack of opportunities with a degree hurt a very important group of students, our nation's veterans.

Education: A Hot Topic? Not for the GOP

By Emily Silfkin Published January 1, 2017

Education should be on every candidate's mind as they are moving through this election cycle. With a system in desperate need of reform, it is vital that our presidential candidates relay to the public their plans for improving education in this country. However, the GOP has been shy in telling debate viewers their plans for education reform, while reform is a major tenet of Democratic campaigns.

Presidential Candidates Education Policies

By Emily Silfkin Published November 9, 2015

Do we need common core, free higher education, or Federal control of education?