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Back to the Basics: Why the Russian Conflict Needs to be Framed Differently

By Hazel Guardado Published April 21, 2014

The developments in Ukraine over the past few months have stirred geopolitical problems in the region that have been misinterpreted as a clash of civilizations. Rather than looking at the conflict as a clash of values between the East and West, it is important to understand each country's decisions as a strategic way of guaranteeing their security, integrity, and influence.

Why the "American Umpire" Must Create New Expectations for France

By Hazel Guardado Published March 17, 2014

The United States is often criticized for intervening in foreign affairs, but its essential role in the international community is undeniable. Part of this role involves encouraging other countries to assume greater responsibilities, especially in areas where they are adept. Today, this means recognizing France's strong political and cultural history with Russia and pushing it to create stronger diplomatic ties. ?