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Machine Consciousness: Implementing a Non-Interventional Policy

By Justin Welfeld Published March 24, 2017

Although many debate the viability of engineering consciousness, leading scientists corroborate the impending nature of such a technological singularity.

Leaky Pipes: Upgrading America's Water System

By Justin Welfeld Published October 27, 2016

For every person in the United States, 6,250 gallons of drinking water leaks through the cracks of America's crumbling water infrastructure. In order to meet growing demand for clean water, significant investments and repairs must be made.

Pharmaceutical Industry Stands Back as Superbugs Globalize

By Justin Welfeld Published October 27, 2016

As antibiotic-resistant superbugs surpass the reaches of current medical intervention, health organizations reevaluate not only the current role of antibiotics in our society, but also our capacity to synthesize effective antimicrobial agents. However, the wholesale use of antibiotics in agriculture, as well as the misalignment of financial incentives in the pharmaceutical industry hinder the fight against MDR (multiple drug resistant) bacteria.