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The Nicaraguan dream--or nightmare?

By Kavin Lam Published February 18, 2015

The Hong Kong Nicaragua Canal Development company has began construction on the Nicaragua Canal. The canal is threatens many different ecosystems including Lake Nicaragua. Does the economic advantages of the canal justify the threat to the environment?

Global Warming's Next Victim: Wine

By Kavin Lam Published November 6, 2014

The effects of global warming may often seem impalpable. However, they can definitely be close to home, as revealed by how wine growing is directly threatened by global warming. The damage to the wine industry exemplifies how global warming affects all aspects of our lives.

Climate Change: Driving the Spread of Ebola

By Kavin Lam Published October 21, 2014

As Ebola threatens American soil and the lives of medical professionals, was this our fault? Did Americans force the disease to spread? Global climate change has already increased the frequency of infectious diseases, posing especially dire threats to underdeveloped countries.