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Trophy hunting: blood lust or the key to conservation?

By Veronica Dickson Published November 9, 2015

The jury is still out in whether trophy hunting is a conservationist tool to control poaching and cull herd population, or an inhumane application of human greed and injustice.

Solar Powered Desalinator

By Veronica Dickson Published October 5, 2015

Due to California's dire water needs, solar powered desalination is becoming the new way to provide low-cost sustainable freshwater in the Central Valley region. WaterFX is an emerging enterprise and the only company in the United States to desalinate seawater sustainably. This might be the answer to the megadrought exacerbated by climate change.

Drought in Brazil

By Veronica Dickson Published March 11, 2015

Brazil is facing the most extreme drought in the last century and has found that current drought management techniques are not the problem. The government has failed to address the issue with sufficient severity and that has affected the way the general populace has handled the problem.