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"You're Not Getting Any Younger": Impacts of Europe's Population Decline

By Xavier Salvador Published March 24, 2017

Written by Xavier Salvador, 3/24/17 Western Europe is in demographic disorder. Two groups define the region's population shifts: Elderly and Refugees. Increased migration from the Middle-East and North Africa may offer a short-term impact on the region's age structure and fertility potential, however, national governments need to be concerned about long-term population decline.

Keep an Eye on the Kids: Why Youth Bulges Remain a Concern for the Developing World

By Xavier Salvador Published February 27, 2017

Written by Xavier Salvador, 2/27/17 Development seems to be working- a larger percentage of impoverished children are educated and are more likely to survive into their adult years. Thus, people moving through domestic education systems stay optimistic towards a middle-class lifestyle safeguarded by a well-paying job. But what if these dreams are unobtainable? Not because of an individual's lack of drive, but sheer carrying capacity of jobs in the face of growing populations?

The Road to Recovery for Nigeria's Farms - Post Conflict Agriculture

By Xavier Salvador Published October 27, 2016

As conflict quells in Nigeria's northeast region, specifically in the state of Adamawa, displaced farmers are returning home, hoping the rebuild their livelihoods. However, the insurgency intensified the region's lack of institutional support from the government and limited access to necessary agricultural inputs. The Nigerian government needs to work with international aid groups to ensure farmers can rebuild their farms in order to grow crops for the entire country.